• 5 Interesting Anime Character Types

    5 Interesting Anime Character Types 2017

    Have you ever come across an anime character before, and thought to yourself — wow this guy is exactly like me! Conveniently, the Japanese may just have a term to describe you. Here is a list of character types that details specific forms of character developments found in anime stories.


    #1 Bishoujo
    Bishoujo is commonly used to refer to young girls who are pretty and attractive. They are usually in their teens, below the age of attending university.

    Bishoujo example: Goddess Athena from Saint Seiya.


    #2 Bishounen
    The male counterpart of bishoujo — a bishounen is a basically a pretty boy in his adolescence years. Because of their beauty, these characters are sometimes mistaken as girls.

    Bishounen example: Vampire King Kaname from Vampire Knight.


    #3 Genki
    Literally meaning enthusiastic, genki girl is a highly energetic character who always act as if she is fueled by Red Bull. Typical actions include running around with waving arms and speaking on steroids.

    Genki girl example: Teacher Taiga Fujimura from Fate/Stay Night.


    #4 Moe
    The classic moe character in anime is usually innocent, shy and submissive. Moe characters often experience one-side obsession with unrequited love. Fortunately, they are generally cute and have an optimistic outlook in life.

    Moe character example: Princess Charlotte from Berserk.


    #5 Tsunshun
    A tsunshun character is one who seems outwardly harsh and mean. Like a hedgehog, they are intentionally abrasive to others, putting on an act to protect their depressed and lonely self.

    Tsunshun example: Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


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  • The Ninja Manuscript (Jubei Ninpucho)

    • Anime - The Manuscript of the Ninja
    • Production: Japan
    • Genres: Action, fantasy, sensuality, samurai
    • Director: Kawadziri Yoshiaki
    • Duration: full-length film, 92 min.


    At the beginning of the seventeenth century, a terrible epidemic of plague broke out in Japan. Kagero - the girl-warrior and her squad from the Koga clan is to find out the cause of the epidemic. But when trying to find the answers that are so necessary, the detachment is attacked by terrible and mysterious creatures. After the battle, only Kagero remains alive, only because at the last moment Ninja Dzubei helped her.


    Thanks to this fight, Kagero and Dzubey begin to help each other and together they try to find out the true truth, but later it turns out that Dzyubei, saving Kagero, killed not just a creature, but a warrior who possessed superhuman abilities and mighty power and was one of the warriors demons of Kiman. Now Dzubei and Kagero are haunted by demons, but the warrior girl and the ninja continue to go towards the goal, becoming more and more attached to each other.
    One of the most successful animes of 1993, based on the legends and myths of Japan. Magnificent drawing, an interesting, dynamic plot, a good soundtrack and the presence of a romantic and mystical lines will please all fans of the genre - the samurai thriller.


    After the success of the original full-length film, in 2003 his sequel - the 13-episode anime series - "The Manuscript of the Ninja: The New Chapter" was released.


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  • Trigan (Trigun)

    Anime - Trigan

    Триган (Trigun)

    Production: Japan

    Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Post-Apocalyptic

    Directed by: Nishimura Satoshi

    Duration: episode, 26 ep., 24 min.


    Your Paniker is called a Typhoon Man. He carries with him terrible destruction, after it remains a ruin, but, oddly enough, not a single deceased person. For your head, Paniker is assigned a reward in a fabulous amount, he is searched for, he is hunted for, but he is afraid of him.


    Following your, the destroyed cities are followed by Milli and Meryl from the insurance company. They are many that you heard about the legendary Paniker, but you never saw him. They know that your cold-blooded killer and destroyer, know that Panicer is an experienced shooter, know that he is strong and dangerous. How were the girls surprised when they found out who the legendary Typhoon Man really was.
    One of the best anime series in 1998, which competes for the championship with "Cowboy Bebop" and both of these series are absolutely in no way inferior to each other.


    "Trigan" amazes with the first series. And it strikes, strangely enough with humor, the first series of the series are perceived as a comedy and it is quite natural to assume that this will continue. But not everything is so simple ... the plot is very intricate and intriguing, and with each series, instead of the denouement, more mysteries are revealed.


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    One of the main advantages of this anime is the characters. The character of each hero is beautifully revealed, each has its own motives and explanations for their actions. Here, even to the actions of negative characters, one can find an explanation, and absolutely everyone can be understood or at least assumed what, how and why the hero made it.


    "Trigan" is full of emotions from the first to the last series, and if you can laugh at the first series, looking at the protagonist's protests, then everything goes to drama, and to the drama from which you want to sob, get angry, to experience, to love and to hate, and all this at the same time.

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    This series is rightfully considered a classic of the genre, and, despite the not very high-quality drawing, is still a favorite for so many viewers. Everyone relates to this series in different ways, but it can be assumed that he did not leave anyone indifferent. Because of the plot and actions of the main characters, a lot of disputes have already flared up and everyone who looks at it will find something in this series for themselves, because the principles guided by the protagonist will not leave anyone indifferent. Some people will like such principles, someone will call them stupid, but everyone will think about whether the Typhoon Man is right that he chose this way, and whether it is really possible to carry love and peace in the way chosen by him or the truth is talked about "good intentions" ...?


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